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VWT5 and NZ and Holiday tricks

New Zealand is a lovely place. But to maximize your stay in NZ what are the tricks.

Well if you visit NZ you really want to visit those tucked away places that are there to take your breath away. That is totally doable, but you can make it easier and you can make the trip more efficient if you know how to.

Well I am about to share with you how you can do that, plus travel less and save money.

A lot of people associate holidays with hotels. Book your destination and book your hotel. Sorted! Maybe that works for certain holidays. To a degree that would work for NZ. The trouble with this is that you are either:

  1. limited to the hotel

  2. Have to hire a car

  3. Have to travel to and fro from the hotel.

In NZ you need to travel, and you certainly do not want to be traveling from a hotel to a destination and then back to the hotel, every day, If you do that you are just restricting your holiday hotspots.

The key to maximizing your holiday in NZ is by travelling. I mean travelling to your destination and then staying there. How?

Simple, use a campervan. In my experience a campervan provides you with so much freedom and it liberates you to travel and stay for as long or as little as you want.

NZ is a destination that provides views, beaches, lakes, ,mountains and so much more. to access this you need to be able to move.

When you drive down a NZ coastline you want to stop to take pictures, videos, drink coffee and eat cake or maybe you just want to sit and enjoy the view.

I can guarantee that when you stop and admire a view there will be another view to admire just 5 miles down the road, as the scenery changes so quickly.

A campervan allows you to do this. Whether a small campervan or large you can easily just keep enjoying the journey.

The great thing is that NZ is a safe country and if you choose to stop and camp the night you can.

From the north to the south, what better way to see all the beauty from your own home, your campervan.

Not forgetting that there are campsite and good ones, with facilities run by the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association https://www.nzmca.org.nz/

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the journey and enjoy New Zealand.

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