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The people of NZ

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

So how are the folks of NZ. Wait for it.....

I find them really nice. Mostly. They are a very genuine culture, friendly and helpful. They are the kind of people that would help you in times of need.

For example, if you breakdown, someone will stop and help. A rare quality in some places.

They are an unassuming people. There isn't so much bitching and back stabbing.

They are very trust worthy. In many places you can leave your bag and it will be just as you left it. Of course times are changing slowly.

The Kiwis struggle with #communication. See previous posts.

It is a bit of a guessing game when it comes to information and whether you get any or not. That can be frustrating. In the work place it is just turn up at what time you think is right and learn and teach yourself. You really are just dropped into it and it is a case of getting on with it. Not what I would call good operations, but I have learnt to accept it.

If you are waiting for a tradesman you will have to chase them. But hey laid back is good right? Hmmm not always and when I am paying I do expect a service.

They take some getting used to. Of course you have the Maori culture as well. The Maori are a really nice people. Smiley and cheerful. Yes there are issues but that is due to the Pakeha (white people) and Maori divide. I have come accross some very racist Kiwis. The kiwis have not yet mastered polical correctness fully.

but the kiwis are a friendly nation. They can be big headed and believe that thery know best. They struggle to listen and accept that maybe others do it better (not everything) and that does make them very closed.

It takes a while to fall into the laid back culture and learn that even if they seem stressed they actullay are not. The amount of times I have heard a Kiwi say say they are so busy... No they are not.

The country has it's issues. it is not a great leading nation. But for a country that is in the middle of nowhere, they get by.

But I do like their hospitality.


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