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The #New Zealand #job market is tough to get into...

I applied for loads more jobs. But I got a bite. Not what I was looking for, but it was a bite.

This role was 15 min from home . Great.

I had a skype interview. I then had an interview with the Branch Manager who sat me down and talked a lot. told me about his dream and his structures and how it was all going to fall into place.

Ahhh I thought, hope. This guy IS a proper manager.

I was offered the job as Service Coordinator. I really wanted the other role which was After Sales Manager. But beggars can't be choosers.

The start date was set. Strange I thought there was no contact or arrangements about start times or anything else for that matter just like the last job.

I stayed positive and decided I would just turn up at 8am

I turned up and this time I was shown what I would be doing and this is it.....

There's your desk, you should find everything you need. There is the phone. take the calls and book the jobs in on that magnet board. Easy peasy!!!!!

Yep Easy bloody peasy..... That was it.

I was given passwords which I had to guess for which software packages! The software was an improvement on DOS it was at least a 1995 package that was so clunky it took about ten minutes to print anything!

I asked questions and no one would actually show me the answer. The admin person had bad attitude! The 8 Technicians wanted to debate and negotiate everything! The Manager was not interest now I was in the role!

The 2 of the 3 apprentice thought they were gods gift!

The After manager was a complete prick!

Things were looking up!

I was reaching out for HELP!!

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