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The Job

I thought I would share how the job has been going.

So I have now been in the same role since December 2019 as a business manager Strategic Improvement.

It is so nice to be in a role where my line manager has a grip on reality. Does not micro manage and trusts people to carry out their role.

It is a good place to work and I hope I am here for a long while.

Lessons learnt. To persevere even when times are tough. Do not give up no matter how tempting it is.

It is basically a numbers game. The more numbers the more chance of a hit.

I still believe that NZ is behind in terms of nepotism and I believe this creates a poor workplace full of bad practice. Some systems hear are very blinkered and the big picture is far from sight.

But for now I seem to have found my place and I am happy about that.

If you are thinking about a life in NZ ponder your career and the impact of change.

Yes they drive on the same side of the road but the culture is very different. There are goods and there are bads.

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