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#Te-Puna Quarry Park

We went to Te-Puna quarry park at the weekend. https://www.quarrypark.org.nz/

Mitchell has been asking to go since I arrived in #NZ. Well to be honest I can see why.

Te-Puna quarry park is a lovely place to #visit. There is plenty to look at as you walk around the gardens. the views are amazing.

It is free and run by volunteers, who I must say do a brilliant job.

We spent about 2 - 3 hours there, but you could spend less or more time there as you please.

I really enjoyed it and will be going back.

Spring is a nice time to visit as you see the colours and flowers.

Great place. not far from Tauranga. Well worth a visit.

Star rating. I think a 4 star on this one because of all the hard work involved.

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