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So what is Life in #New #Zealand really like?

Honestly. I am going to write a book on the truth behind #NZ

The country itself is beautiful, but there are other beautiful countries out there.

The work place is very hard to get into unless you are a doctor, midwife, teacher or a specific skill that the country needs. The trouble is, if you come over with a skilled person thinking you will get a job for example as a skilled manager you will struggle.

It is very much who you know not what you know.

Cost of living is high. Houses are not cheap. electric and gas is expensive. It is cold in the winter from Rotorua down but when the sun is out it is lovely.

There are less people but the people are very different in many ways. some ways good some not so good.

There are opportunities for small business which is good and in my opinion that is the way to go.

It is safer as there are less people.

I personally think #NZ is miss-sold. I am not saying it is all bad but i do think the truths are not talked about.

If you have sold a house in the UK and have plenty of money then NZ could be the place for you, Buy a house with a great view and enjoy the surrounds and activities. But then so could a remote part of the UK, the lake district for example.

If you have not got a good financial backing be wary.

Anyway Open to discussion on this topic. Let me know your thoughts.

Below are photos of:

Devon UK

Mount Maunganui NZ

Devon UK

Devon UK

A lake NZ

The Pinnacles NZ

South Africa

South Africa

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