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#Shitty job

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Ok, so I was going to update you all on a previous post named #shitty #job

The sad news is the new job which I moved house for did not turn out as I expected. There were good elements. For example the job itself was good and fitted my experience. Great.

The down side is I ended up working for a #micro #manager not so great!

The theme I seem to be finding since being in #New #Zealand is that their management style or structure in company's is very weak and inexperienced. It is a very adhoc, get by scenario. Ok, I can not tar them all with the same brush but so far I have had four jobs and they have all been amazingly poor.

For example the role I was working in was for a private health company in #Wellington I thought that a private company would have it's finger on the pulse and be efficient in good business practices. Hmm.

I have worked in the NHS in the UK and was Head of Screening. My experience in the NHS was varied and for sure I saw the downfalls. I though moving to #NZ would be better in the fact that more work might get done. However so far I have found the opposite. The company I worked for in Wellington seemed to have plenty of talk, plenty of meetings but no action. The Service Delivery Manager was running around like a headless chicken micro managing everything but the real necessities.

Objectively, the company itself had the gift of the gab. When I asked the CEO what he thought about #micro #management he admitted that it was ok. Wow!

So I was with the company for six months but I decided the micro management bulling style of "do as I micro manage" and leave your skills behind was not for me.

I found it undermining, the work force had low morale, there was a high turn over of staff, it proved confidence stealing etc. I would recommend this company - #seek out https://www.projectmanagement.agency/ for advice. If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can hire... https://www.projectmanagement.agency/

So we have moved. I have a job at the moment where there is no pressure. Lets see what turns up. I will keep you posted.

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