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#Shitty #job.

Updated: May 7, 2019

So as you will know, if you have looked through this diary/blog, that I walked out of my last shitty #job.

Well here is the latest, I kinda walked into another shitty job.

What is it with #managers that just do not manage over here in #NZ

It is like working for someone 50 years ago or more!

No organisation, shitty equipment, no training and they expect you to know everything on the first day!

What they need over here is some big cooperation to show them how to do it and make the small business think!

They thrive on #smallbusiness, that is ok but it seems that the small business owners like to think they know it all.

I must admit I do miss the #UK workplace. It is a very #bullying #workplace #culture from my experience so far over here.

So I am still #applying for #jobs, and I am still waiting for that lucky break.

Come on #NewZealand get you working culture up to date!

At the moment there is one reason as to why I would move back to the #UK, the #workplace!

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