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Rotorua Sky Swing #Rotorua #Skyswing

Ok so this is one I should of #blogged about a while ago.

The Rotorua Sky Swing at the #Skyline https://www.skyline.co.nz/en/rotorua/things-to-do/skyswing/

Great place to visit and lots to do. Check out their website. I will blog about the other activities as we do them. This time I will blog about the sky swing, which Mitchell chickened out of!!

So Dan and me gave it a go. It was well worth it.

You access the sky swing by going up on the cable cars. This does cost, but once you are up there, there are walks and cafe, plus more activities. The views are great. You pay for the sky swing at the top, pretty simple really. You can buy packages which include a variety of activities as well. Value for money, yep it was something you would want to do as a one off, so the value is ok and the price is to be expected. It was fun and memorable. Of course as with all these activities you get the option to buy the video for an extra price.

The sky swing was great. Check out the video and excuse the swearing!

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