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Restaurants in the Bay of Islands

eating out in the bay of islands and we have been. I have put on a few pounds.

In order of stay.

Restaurants in Russell,

1. My favourite was the Duke of Marlborough. Great food and outstanding professional friendly service. More expensive but worth it.


2. The Gables. What a lovely crowd. So welcoming and friendly. The food was also outstanding. Good prices great food and lovely service from lovely people.


Resturants in Paihia,

3. Charlottes kitchen was Ok. The service good but it just did not have that special something from the staff. They were ok. The pizza was blah. Pretty tastless. The fish dish was nice though.

The deserts were really good. As I say it is worth a visit for sure but it did not blow us away.


4. The Aquarium Zane Greys. Enviroment was great. The super big fish tank was a great feature. The staff were really friendly. Great service. The food was not as outstanding as the duke or the gables but it was good. Definitely worth a visit.



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