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Pros and cons of life in New Zealand


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Ahh the pros and cons. Why do people move to NZ? Why did I move to NZ? Yes less people. Better weather. But that is not life in a nutshell.

I like to be honest and share a balanced view.

Yes when we go out at weekends it does feel like we are on holiday. The weather, the food. the atmosphere, coffee and cake by a lake, the sea or a mountain. that stuff is alway a bonus and it is lovely not being over whelmed by people.

Rules and regulations, hmmm, don't think for a minute you are going to get away from them. They are just as strict. They also have some rules that make me scratch my head and they can be just as frustrating.

Work, well I have posted about jobs and the, who you know, not what you know. Read below for more info on that.

The people are generally good. A very trusting cultur and not aggressive. They are laid back in a different way but are very unorganised, so stressed in others. Their communication skills are dreadful. It seems to be a continual guessing game as to what is next. Particulaly at work.

The culture of being laid back is healthier. The Kiwi's do worry less.

I think it is a culture or country that you will either like, or hate. The grass is not greener it just tastes different.

People are always people at the end of the day.

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