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Our next #rental

So our next rental is closer to town. More expensive that the last rental but no sign of the landlord. Thankfully.

However, when we moved into this rental, we (yes I used the word we) had to spend money on it.

We had to paint the bathrooms and toilets. We had to replace shower heads, towel rails, Loo roll holders etc.

We had to come in and give the place a really good clean as it was disgusting.

I have had to repair doors and windows. So there you go case number two in the rental market.

However this is a nicer place. more homey and no landlord living on site. It is closer to town and some really nice woods and lakes. The garden is nice with a nice deck for summer BBQs.

We do have our first rental inspection today in fact. Oh the joys of renting, some stranger coming into the house and basically taking note of all your valuables. I will be making sure the doors and windows are locked tonight. What a cynic I am. Or am I a realist?

#Home is where the dogs are.

#Home #Cosy #buyyourownhome

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