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Oh here is a #funny one.

So Dan and me took the dogs for an evening walk. Down this particular road was a paddock with roughly 10 - 15 Llamas in it. Every time we walked past they used to come running over to stare at our two #jackrussells

Anyway we walked and the llamas came running over and sort of walked along the fence as we walked until we got to the end. Dan, me and the dogs carried on walking.

I said to Dan what the hell is that weird noise? As I turned to Dan I saw the #Llamas having a fight...

But this was no ordinary fight. I swear this was the strangest thing ever. The llamas were having a spitting fight. It was gross.... spit flying everywhere!!

Rocky and Kori thought it was great and were barking there heads off, almost like cheering them on.

Dan was in stitches and I was stood there just amazed at the spitting carnage.

Mitchel on a bad day.....

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