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News flash (work related)

So as you all know I have been in a role sine December. A good role as strategic process improvement. I have been delving into many aspect and carrying out my role and reporting to the CEO

Today someone had the audacity to ask me what do I do? Because they don't know? They suggested I self promote myself after I explained my role in 10 different ways to which they replied I still don't quite understand what you do. Amazingly this is from a senior leader. A senior leader who clearly doesn't know what strategy means. Worrying!!!

Anyway after being insulted and interrogated by some I don't answer to (but trying to be polite and humour them I got up and told them I was busy.

This was by someone I thought was ok. Amazing how people surprise us. However I should know by now never underestimate the motive of a co-worker especially if you are out performing them.

They hadn't even read a damn document that had key strategic recommendations in. But had the nerve to ask questions about it!

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