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News alert #job

Well I do not want to jinx anything but....

#job front news alert.

Well after 2 years of searching and 2 years of jobs that are to be frank, crap due to crap management, I seem to have landed in an organisation that manages in a normal way.

What is normal I hear you ask? No micromanagement and people that claim to have done it all. Their way or the highway.

So far so good on week 5!

I really hope it continues as I really like it here and the people around me.

So the lesson is, it is possible it seems to be able to land a good job in NZ if you are patient and willing to quit jobs if they are crap. Maybe that is a lesson for life. However I know it is not easy when income is key to living!

I will update you again in a couple of months.

Fingers crossed as the 2 year wait has been exhausting to say the least.

So stay strong. Spread those wings. Howeverif you have a good job and you don'tlike adventures stay in your comfy zone enjoy life and don't move to the other side of the world.


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