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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

So as you know since I arrived in #NewZealand I have been job hunting, for 2 years in fact.

I have had a few jobs but they were god damn awful to say the least.

I expect it to be different but I do not expect to be micro managed or bullied or disrespected like I am a teenager. (Not that teenagers should be disrespected either).

I have good sound management experience and can add value. Anyway I drift!!

My point is....

After 2 years, 750 apications, approximately 1 interview per 12 applications and after 4 duff jobs, I was offered another job. I started it 3 days ago. So far so good.

Anyway my point is this. If you are an #experienced #manager do not expect to walk into a #job here in #NZ.

If you have a trade or are a professional for example a doctor, midwife, nurse etc then you should be fine.

I have found health nearly impossible to get into as a manager. The district health boards are very closed and it is who you know not what you know.

The work place in #NZ has a culture of micro management and bullying. Scarily that is fact not fiction!

I am not arrogant or claim to know it all, heck I have a lot to learn, but managers in #NZ need some serious #training.

Management has changed and we do not use 1800 management styles anymore.

Anyway I thought it was important to share tbis.

Happy to answer any questions on this.

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