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My job.... or my old job.

As I have not managed to secure work as a senior manager anywhere and with #applications now approx. 300 plus. I decided I would have to take a lower paid job and make the most of it.

I did....

The first job was a rental coordinator. Sounded a reasonable job. I started the job and I was thrown at a desk and said this is what we want you to do. That was it! No training no introductions no inductions, just dropped well and truly in it.

I survived and started to develop the role with great difficulty and other work colleagues that just would not cooperate. Staff that had been in roles for 25 years or more and staff that did not want any change at all. OK this was a test for change management.

I got on well with the team, but was struggling to implement new structures. I was traveling 1 hour to work and an hour home, the software was DOS based and I was being told horror stories about the company and senior managers that were not to pleasant, so I thought I would browse the job market again.

Staring at the job pages again...

I was looking for opportunity...

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