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Let's blog about New Zealand 

Ok houses in NZ. What are they like? Really?

They are different for sure. They do not have central heating, so they are cold in the winter unless positioned really well. They also do not have double glazing.... well not many. Double glazing is still fairly new here. However new builds must now have it, however they still use aluminum frames even if the glass is double glazed, which still gets a lot of condensation on.

The build itself is substanded to what I am used to. If they are brick they are only single skin, not double. Insulation is better in new builds. Old houses are pretty poor.

The houses can suffer with damp.

The bonuses are that they are usually detached.

I guess it depends on your budget, but be warned houses in NZ are NOT cheap, to buy or rent. In fact for your money you don't get good quality.

You may get good views though and a double garage.

Baring in mind I am from the Uk and Uk housing is my comparison.

A lot of people compare the housing in NZ to giant sheds. They are a bit. But again it depends on your budget.

We rent at the moment and pay a grand $540 per week. A ridiculous amount. But we are fussy and like a nice home.

Also electric and gas are not cheap here. So poor insulation and no double glazing comes at a cost in fuel bills.

Our dogs have a nice home though 😳


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