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#Jobs in #Newzealand

Updated: May 7, 2019

So I have been thinking about #jobs in New Zealand. For someone like me who has now applied for hundreds of jobs and some of those are shitty jobs because I needed a job.

Remember I #quit my job the other day. I walked out. They call it abandonment! They advise you not to do it. However I say if you are going to work and your 8 hour day is full of misery then leave. Life is short.

There is another good job I am going to apply for today, but before I even apply I am saying I won't get that..... I know that is the wrong attitude and all the positive thinking people will be saying "oh dear defeated before you start". Maybe, but I will still apply and give it my best shot. We will see and I will let you know of course.

Anyway my thought was this (amongst many thoughts). If you are thinking about moving to #newzealand remember the specific reason you are thinking about moving for. examine those reasons and research those reasons both in #NZ and #UK what I mean by that is, if you are running then think twice. Every country has it's problems. You will run into the same problems if you move to the other side of the world.

You know the saying the grass is never greener. If you are in a good position then ponder the fact that you might not get that same position in #newzealand. Remember you will be an #immigrant and that will show.

The truth is we in the UK have exceptional training and #education and the UK has moved on a lot in many ways, I thought the UK was to politically correct and that it would be nice to move away from that. Let me be clear the political correctness has gone to far. However I thought that moving to a country that is 20 years behind would be a good move, in the fact that the PC level would be less, but instead I find it quite shocking in the respect that sometimes I think I have moved to the dark ages. Some of the people here just have no filters! They see our education and qualifications as a threat and not as a stepping stone on how they can improve. I am not saying we in the UK know it all by the way.

Anyway my point is this. If you have a lot of equity and decide to move to #newzealand that will help you a lot. There are real opportunities here business wise and there is plenty of room in the small business arena and you could make a lot of money here if you research and get it right.

That is my goal, although I will have to work harder as I never brought lots of equity.


If you have any questions about this post please ask. It is not meant to be negative but realist.

Always a pleasure. Next post will be a #review on a place :) We are visiting the coromandel for two days.

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