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House Rental #HouseRental

Ok this is worth a blog....

Since we have been in #NewZealand we have been renting a house. We want to settle and get to know the area well, before we buy (oh and have a good job, lol). So the first rental was a nice place, but the landlady lived directly behind. Not something we would usually go for but we thought #NewZealand laid back it will be fine!!!!!!

Well, bloody hell what a complete pain in the arse she was!

I got up one morning half dressed and went to make a good old #English cuppa tea and I saw her go past the window. I was like what the flip!!!! but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

But...... It happened again and again.... She would come round with an edging tool trimming the grass edges every week. Which was ironic really as she was to tight to get the lawn cut weekly and it was often 4 weeks before the grass was cut.

Plus she would just turn up and cut the hedges, used the same washing line as us, asked if she could use my hose pipe to wash her car, asked me to help her to cut down a row of small trees. I had to repair the house alarm that went off for no reason at 7.30pm one night and could not be turned off.

Plus I had to repair items in the house as she was as tight as a manhole cover and would not repair anything. She would notice anything and everything, where we stacked firewood, where we parked the cars, she even remarked about the condensation on the windows and that it might create damp in the house. Like we didn't know. But if the dumb cow spent money on heating and double glazing, there would not be condensation!!!

Let's say she was a very ever present, loud, tight Kiwi with Dutch descendants.


I am a tolerant guy, but she wound me up.

We moved.

Below is Rocky packed and ready to go!

Rocky all packed.

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