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First VW campervan trip

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Well this one was an experience lol.

Drove 1 hour 30min to Murupara Couldn't find the site. Ended up on a dirt track the went for miles and miles. The VW was absolutely filthy.

Eventually found the campsite. Not really a camp site but a freedom camping site meaning facilities were minimal (none)

Had a cuppa tea and decided to move on to Whakatane. Ended up on a gravel road to nowhere. Fuel was low. Decided to turn around. Made it back to Murupara to find out that 2 fuel stations were closed. The 3rd was for lorries only.... Damn!!!!

Decided to try and make it home. We did just.

So in a nutshell we traveled 200 miles to end up sleeping in out own bed..... We can laugh about it now.

But it was a good learning curve.


Got some nice photos though.

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