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So here we go..... Driving Creek railway. If you are in the #Coromandel I would recommend you go there. It was a fun experience and worth a ride, just to see the view and hear the story. This was a one man's mission and he did bloody well to do what he did.

The #train ride lasts approx. one hour and fifteen minutes with a small break at the top where you can take pictures from the Eyefull tower. Then back down.

The staff were really friendly and accommodating. There is a cafe there, but it was not open when we were there.

A pleasant experience. My Dad would love it. Great for kids.

We are glad we did this and as it is a part of the Coromandel it is worth it with a fantastic view at the top. We had a laugh.

At a price of $35 each, I think it is good value.

Star rating. We think a 3.5 on this one.

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