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Awkward Moment

Took my car to the garage today for a quote. I was stood in the queue with another women just in front and to the right of me.

The women behind the counter says "are you together"

It was one of those moment where you don't want to be rude just blurt out no in a cutting way.

We kind of looked at each other, paused and when

"Noooooo noo"..... "I shrugged and went could be", you know and she was like "yeah.... but no".

It was surreal. Movie stuff. Anyway I said "My wife wouldn't be to happy" and she said "I will have to check with my husband"

At that moment the woman behind the counter looked embarrassed.

We all moved on and continued with our business.

But I will say it was a nice moment. Everyone was laid back and there was no rush.

The garage were real nice people as well. Proper friendly #Kiwi. That is the nice thing about #NewZealand

The good looking #Alfa Romeo 159

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